Advocating for Nebraska’s Business Community

Advocating for Nebraska’s Business Community

Recent membership surveys noted that the Nebraska Chamber’s legislative activity was very important to 90% of the members.

The surveys found that:

  • More than 97% of members agree the Nebraska Chamber is effective in representing the state’s business community.
  • More than 98% of members agree the Chamber communicates effectively and informs members about state and federal issues that could impact the private sector.

All year long, the State Chamber works hard to be the voice of the Nebraska business community.

During the first four to six months of the year – when the Nebraska Legislature is in session – the State Chamber is focused primarily on representing the business community at the Nebraska Legislature.  Four registered lobbyists lead the organization’s efforts to educate and inform state’s lawmakers regarding business interests on key legislation.

As each legislative session progresses, the State Chamber keeps members informed on day-to-day legislative activities through the Chamber’s weekly Legislative Report, a summary on major bills of interest to the business community and recent activity in the Legislature.  The Chamber’s electronic News Update and e-mail alerts on key votes also help keep our members in the know.

The State Chamber’s Public Affairs Council, comprised of registered lobbyists of member companies and associations, meets every week during the legislative session to coordinate activity and share information vital to the business community.  Local chambers of commerce subscribe to a weekly telephone conference call when state lawmakers are in session.  And the State Chamber’s Annual Meeting allows Chamber members to connect with state lawmakers and participate in important discussion panels.

After lawmakers conclude their session in Lincoln, State Chamber members receive a complete summary of the session, a record of key votes taken by state senators, and information on legislation impacting business.

Every autumn, the State Chamber coordinates a series of Legislative Forums with approximately 35 local chambers of commerce.  Staff members from the Nebraska Chamber travel the state to visit inform local chamber members on business-related issues and legislation.  In addition, the staff conducts member surveys and invites state senators and legislative candidates to participate in the forums.

The State Chamber’s activities are not limited to the Nebraska Legislature only.  Nebraska Chamber is affiliated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as well as the National Association of Manufacturers.  Our staff is in close contact with Nebraska’s federal congressional delegation and their congressional aides in Washington, D.C.  When issues arise, the State Chamber is able to work with broad-based coalitions to address specific concerns.